Company Purchase – Buy Side Advisory

The purchase of another company can be the right strategy to achieve your growth targets. In this, it is essential to exploit respective transaction opportunities but at the same time minimize the purchasing price and the associated risks of the acquisition.

anteo partners Ltd has many years of experience in the purchase of companies in the SME environment and has successfully completed a large number of transactions. From a single source, we can provide you with all the necessary services needed for a company purchase.

We would be happy to support you as lead advisor in the transaction process and to handle the entire process management for a successful purchase at the best price achievable.

Our services as the lead advisor in the transaction process include e.g.:

  • Extensive search for ideal acquisition targets
  • Comprehensive project management, legal and tax advice, as well as coordination of other experts
  • Thorough analysis and evaluation of the acquisition target
  • Consultation for the acquisition bid and price definition
  • Professional implementation of the due diligence
  • Negotiation and contract drafting
  • Post-transaction monitoring of the purchased target