Company Sale – Sell Side Advice

In privately owned companies, succession planning is a key question: transfer within the family, sale to an investor or to the management. In addition, choosing the optimal succession plan, establishing an adequate selling price, securing contracts, as well as a discreet and professional succession process, are all essential to success.

anteo partners Ltd has many years of experience in the SME Environment and has successfully completed numerous divestments. From a single source, we offer you all the relevant services needed for the sale of a Company, or for any other type of succession plan.

We would be happy to support you as lead advisor in the transaction process and to lead the entire process management for a successful divestment at the best price achievable.

Our services as the lead advisor in the transaction process include e.g.:

  • Professional preparation based on an extensive company and market analysis
  • Optimal structuring of the company to increase the attractiveness of the sale
  • Targeted advice for optimal succession, such as handover within the family, acquisition by existing or external management (MBO/MBI) or outright sale of the company
  • Valuation of the company and preparation of the selling documentation
  • Definition of the optimal selling strategy and the search for potential buyers
  • Professional preparation of the management presentation to potential buyer and the due diligence process
  • Ensuring full confidentiality, a high level of transaction security, and maximizing the sale proceeds
  • Assistance in negotiations and in contract drafting